Thursday, February 25, 2016

Birthday Flower Bouquet

I can stretch a bouquet longer than almost anyone I know. This one started out as a Valentine's bunch, and lasted til my birthday, yesterday. I do use the "stuff" they give you to prolong the life of them, and cut the stems periodically and change the water.

This was a little "doo-dad" I found yesterday. Love it! It's perfect for those single blossoms, and I can use my antique collection of Mason/Ball jars if I want. This one came with the jars.

Happy trails!

bobbi c.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Tuesday Texas Cottage Garden Inspiration

Dear peeps!

My post from yesterday stirred up such a flurry that I thought I'd post more garden photos. We had some rain last night, so everything is fresh, smells good and clean. It's a bit cooler, but signs of spring are poppin' out everywhere!


bobbi c.

Cenizo (Texas sage) attracts a LOT of busy bees when it blooms--every time it rains.

A little visitor to the garden. I named him "Hector."

A little porch-side pocket garden in a previous home. Unfortunately, new owners ripped it ALL out. WHY do people do that? Stoopid, I guess.

Esperanza blooms. LOVE this yellow. Also known as Yellow Bells.

This prickly pear LOVES this iron pot. This was several years ago. It's much larger now.

Little corner grotto garden. Blooming sage in pot, gazing ball, cement bunny. All of which moved to our new home.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Monday Garden Inspiration

Dear friends,

We're warming up here in central Texas, although the annual "Bobbi's Birthday Blizzard Blast" is around the corner. It seems that for more years than I can count, we've had some kind of "weather event" during the week of my birthday. Which, actually, is this week. :-)

So instead of spouting on and on about what you should be doing now in the garden, and how you can keep the grackles away from your seedlings (we're in the middle of a Grackopolypse right now), or how you too can make compost from old kitchen chairs, I decided to just inspire you with some purty photos. How's that? :-)

A somewhat blurry photo of my new plant table I put near the north window in my dining room. It's not bright enough to grow seedlings with just available light, but an OTT light I used for artwork is keeping a small patio tomato blooming and happy. And yes, there are tiny baby toms on it. The bouquet is from Valentine's Day.

Succulents LOVE this terra cotta chicken planter!

My granny's vintage bowl, vintage cat salt and pepper shakers from Mama, and a harvest of Italian peppers.

An antique rose, covered with raindrops.

Cedar raised beds, at a previous home. Surrounded by a seven-foot deer fence. That's the reality of trying to garden in the Texas Hill Country (Leander).

Largest rose hip I've ever seen, on one of the very old roses growing here at Catnip Cottage. I'm not sure of the variety.

And a pot of lemon thyme (right) and a small bay tree. Since deceased. Can't win them all! LOL

Until next time---
Happy trails from my Texas cottage garden,

bobbi c.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Texas winter...

Dear friends,

Our winter here has been very hard on my achy joints and muscles, and all the rain and almost constant grey skies have taken a toll on my mood. That's why, when plants went on clearance around Thanksiving, I splurged on a wild ginger. I've wanted one for years and knew that they might not make it through our winters.

I was gifted with a few blooms soon after buying the plant. Of course, the photo doesn't do them justice. I expected an exotic scent. Not so much.

Photo copyright ©2016 by Bobbi A. Chukran. All Rights Reserved.
 They did well for a while. Actually, they did well until the first cold snap we had. It wasn't quite freezing, only in the 40s. But there's a reason these plants are known as "tender tropicals." Right now the pot of dead leaves is sitting in my makeshift "faux greenhouse" which is a sheet of plastic across my garden shed porch alcove. Will they survive? We shall see.

Indoors, we're starting another phase of our old house remodeling--turning the back laundry/junk room (with seven huge windows) into a dedicated garden/plant room. Hopefully. We have a lot of constraints--no walls to put walls on, those pesky windows, plumbing that has to be moved, etc. etc. I'll share pics as they become available.

Today it's warmer and the sun is shining. And for that, I'm grateful.

Happy trails!

bobbi a. chukran

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Are you a seed snatcher?

Love this article over on the Flea Market Gardening site on seed snatching! I think most obsessive gardeners have done this at one time or another. I happen to have two lovely little trees that I'm growing from seeds I snatched  harvested responsibly from the trees at the Barnes and Noble at Lakeline in Austin.  They've been growing in a large pot now for a couple of years. It wasn't difficult to get them to sprout.

Hope you enjoy the article as much as I did! 

Potted Mexican Buckeye tree, grown from seed

Friday, November 20, 2015

Four Years ago this Week...

Back in November 2011, four years ago this week, we were finishing up the ceramic tile on the kitchen floor and working on the installation of the pine butcherblock countertops in our vintage kitchen. Or should I say, formerly vintage. Now it's sort of a mix of vintage and retro. Here's the link where I blogged about it and posted more pics:

BEFORE, when we bought the house in June 2011:

And AFTER, in February 2012:

 The 1930s style doors are original to the house, and were previously in between the two front rooms, which were used as a formal living room and huge dining room. We moved the doors and closed up the walls in between the two other rooms.

Every time I think we aren't making progress, all I have to do is wander back a bit in time. :-)

Happy trails!

bobbi c.