Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Tuesday Texas Cottage Garden Inspiration

Dear peeps!

My post from yesterday stirred up such a flurry that I thought I'd post more garden photos. We had some rain last night, so everything is fresh, smells good and clean. It's a bit cooler, but signs of spring are poppin' out everywhere!


bobbi c.

Cenizo (Texas sage) attracts a LOT of busy bees when it blooms--every time it rains.

A little visitor to the garden. I named him "Hector."

A little porch-side pocket garden in a previous home. Unfortunately, new owners ripped it ALL out. WHY do people do that? Stoopid, I guess.

Esperanza blooms. LOVE this yellow. Also known as Yellow Bells.

This prickly pear LOVES this iron pot. This was several years ago. It's much larger now.

Little corner grotto garden. Blooming sage in pot, gazing ball, cement bunny. All of which moved to our new home.

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