Friday, September 2, 2016

Ways to Support Garden Birds in Times of Drought

Here at Catnip Cottage, the headquarters for the Earthly Gardener blog, we are all about the birds, bees and other little critters and are always looking for easy things we can do to support wildlife.

Cardinals LOVE black sunflower seeds!

That's why I enjoyed this short article from Horticulture magazine. Take a look; it's a short read with some easy ways to support garden birds in the time of drought.

Since my surgery and subsequent *hospital-acquired* infection, I've been avoiding a lot of the heavy garden work. But I was finally able to plant some fall cukes and squash this week. So some progress was made, although a tiny bit. That's why I love my galvanized tub garden and raised wooden bed; it's so easy to bop outside, poke a few seeds in the ground, then bop back inside without a lot of fuss. :-)

Sometimes that's all you can hope for. :-)

Happy gardening!

bobbi c.

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