Monday, May 30, 2011

Well, we've gone and done it now! 1930's Cottage with Gardens

Dear friends,

In my last post, I mentioned our search for an older home in Taylor, Texas. After looking at homes there, I narrowed it down to three. I didn't go looking for a house this old, and I didn't go looking for a house this size, but this is the house we ended up with.

Cared for by twin sisters (Millie and Albina) their entire lives (AFAIK), I've named this old gal TWIN SISTERS COTTAGE. Built in 1930, with 1500 square foot (larger than I was really looking for), she has long-leaf pine floors throughout the entire house, walls made of a "sandwich" of wallboard, planks, studs, more planks, and more wallboard. There's a detached garage with greenhouse and guest cottage, and the house sits on over 1/4 acre covered with heirloom roses, native plants, flowers such as daylilies (at least two varieties), purple coneflower, Texas sage, iris, mature boxwoods and crepe myrtle---you name it, it's there.

I'm especially thrilled to find the property shaded by two varieties of ancient pecan trees--native Texas pecans, and papershells.

I've always loved the fashions, homes, colors and styles of the 1930's, but never dreamed I'd be able to live in a historical home of this kind. I'm already all in a tizzy about how to decorate her. Here's a start for the bedroom---a quilt made in the 1930's by my great-grandmother. It will be my inspiration for my color choices.

More to come!

Happy trails,

bobbi c.


susanalbert said...

Bobbi, this is a lovely house. Hope you and Rudi will be very happy there.

BodieP said...

Oh Bobbi, it's lovely. I love all the shapes and angles, and what you can do with that yard and garden...! Lucky you (My walls are made of the same sandwich construction.)

NellJean said...

Oh, my! ...and porches and gables and hedges. It looks like a dream come true.

The house where we live was built in 1939. It will be fun to follow your adventures in an historic house and garden.

Susan J. Tweit said...

I love the photos of your Twin Sisters cottage, Bobbi! Congratulations on finding just the right place for you--I bet it'll respond with great delight and some wonderful stories to your appreciative attention. That's a beautiful crazy-quilt, by the way. It looks like a pinwheel pattern...

scn said...

Bobbi, this house is wonderful! I've always liked that look with the many angles. And I love the quilt, of course! I think I've seen that pattern before. Have you checked online? If you can't find a name, you can call it Twin Sisters. It's similar to Seven Sisters but that's made of diamond shapes.

Good luck!

Joyce Spurgin said...

Bobbi, It's lovely & has character. It looks larger than 1500 sq ft. And all those lovely plants! Congratulations!

Joyce Spurgin said...

Bobbi, it's lovely and full of character. She looks larger than 1500 sq ft. And all those beautiful flowers! Congratulations!

The Sage Butterfly said...

How lucky you are to have gotten a property with all those lovely plants!

Judy Whelley said...

Bobbi, I'm with Bodie about all those fabulous angles! I can't wait to see what color this house becomes when you work your magic there. Chin up, all the details for closing will be resolved and your new magic cottage will blossom again through your hands!

Lightly said...

How beautiful it is! Grats on it, and I know you will enjoy it. Glad your long hunt is over, been watching it on the Permie list.

Take care!


About Bobbi C. said...

Dear friends! I'm so behind right now, and I fear it'll only get worse. LOL.

Susan/A, BodieP, NellJean, Susan/T, Jinni, Joyce, Sage Butterfly and Judy---thanks so much for your comments. This feels right, although the amount of work she'll take is a bit daunting. Luckily, it doesn't all have to be done before we move in.

Right now, I'm wrangling to get AC in there so we can work during the summer without keeling over. LOL