Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New gardens, old gardens

Dear friends,

This morning, after a crazy night worrying about possible liens on the house we're buying that are non-existent (whew!), I'm pondering new garden space at our new/old home in Taylor. For now, I have two gardens to tend, and that makes me very happy. The garden here in our current home is made up of a lot of natives that tend themselves, and a lot of veggies that do not. The other garden is made up of a lot of heirloom flowers and shrubs that totally DO take care of themselves. The happiness at having two spaces to care for helps to offset the sadness I’m feeling at the prospect of leaving another garden behind. This will be the fourth large garden I've left behind since Rudy and I got married. I console myself by digging up baby plants and potting them up to take with me.

A sunny space for herbs, tomatoes and peppers right outside the kitchen door at the new garden

Daylilies in the New Garden

I've wanted a greenhouse for years, but never thought they were that useful here in this hot climate. Since I've been starting my seeds early, and since I have so many more potted plants (like bougainvilleas and peppers) I want to protect over the winter, I decided that a greenhouse was a must-have. Surprisingly enough, this was the only home we saw that had one. And it's a doozy, too! Built as a lean-to shed attached to the garage, it's protected from the elements. The former gardener here screwed dozens of little hooks into the ceiling to hang her blooming plants in the winter. Sure wish I'd seen that!

Something I've always wanted...a greenhouse! Windows face South (yay), protected from the north by the little attached cottage beside it, and on the other side by the garage

I was very lucky that the buyer of our former home was inclined towards horticulture and promised me that she'd care for the gardens there. (And a former neighbor recently confirmed that she's doing as promised. Yes, I have spies.)

In other news, our current flock of baby swallows has learned to fly and are out of the nest! Four or five this time! It also saddens me to think of leaving them behind. Can we put that into a contract? "New owner will not destroy swallow nest under front porch"? I can try.

This morning I harvested another handful of Dragon’s Tongue beans (might I say "YUM"), more tomatoes and one big head of garlic with lots of tiny cloves stuck to the outside of it.

The amaranth I planted back in March in the galvanized containers is about 2-feet tall and is a gorgeous plant!

Closing is set (again) for tomorrow. I desperately want to move some plants over there, but have to wait.

Happy trails,

bobbi c.


The Sage Butterfly said...

It is hard to leave a garden you've tended for years. It almost broke my heart to leave mine, but I knew it was the right thing to do. Your new house and garden look great and filled with possibilities.

About Bobbi C. said...

Hi Sage Butterfly...Yes, it is heartbreaking, because we know how much work we've put into it. I also hate to leave "my" birds, bees and butterflies.

I'm busy digging up languishing tomatoes and pepper plants that never quite took off in the heat of the spring here, and re-potting them for the move. I tend to have better luck sometimes growing stuff in pots, anyway.