Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Good mornin', earthly gardeners!

Dear friends,

Just a little bit of explanation about this blog. It's a continuation of my writing I did for another garden site which shall remain nameless since they didn't pay me! I've transferred my original garden stories and photos as well as new ones here to this blog. They aren't always in order by date, but you can always use the handy search feature on your browser to find certain topics. I hope you'll come back often, because I'll be posting almost daily.

I'll also be posting supplemental pages, sources and longer garden stories on my personal website HERE.

I'll be talking about organic gardening–the modern way. We’ll learn all sorts of cool stuff like WHY bother to garden organically, HOW to make a garden so it’s kind to the earth, and the elements that make up a good organic garden. I’ll scout around for great sources for supplies, plants, seeds, other information, etc. I’ll also share stories and tips from my own garden, as well as inspiring photos and what-not.

And since my lovely readers have indicated that many of them have small gardens, or almost no space at all, I’ll be sure to talk about container gardening, too! I'll share tips and ideas from my own garden, talk about what works and what doesn't.

I hope you enjoy reading The Earthly Gardener as much as I love writing it for you! And I'd love hearing from you and about your earthly gardens!

Dig it!

bobbi c.

Copyright ©2005-2007 Bobbi A. Chukran


Vikki said...

Hey Bobbi!
You Blog looks really nice and I just love all the information you have here. It's FABULOUS!!! I'll be sending my mom and aunts to you so they can do some reading as well. I just love love love the photos too!!
Vikki Soros

Bobbi C. said...

Thanks so much, Vikki! I appreciate the help spreading the word.

bobbi c.

Summer said...

I was wondering what happened to you! Glad to see you haven't vanished off the face of the earth, just moved to a new blog. :)