Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Farmer's Almanac says it's a fine day for planting beans!

The Earthly Gardener by Bobbi A. Chukran
February 23, 2007

Dear friends,

Many generations of gardeners have trusted the advice given by The Farmer’s Almanac. Over the years, various versions of the Almanac have been published by different companies, but they all have things in common….like listing the “best days” to plant a certain thing, or the best days to do a certain thing.

For example, this online Almanac says that today is a good day to cut your hair to increase growth. If you’d gotten it cut back on the 16th, that would retard the growth. Today apparently is a good day for planting beans, peppers and cucumbers “where the climate is suitable.” These dates are based on phases of the moon, etc. and even though many think this is just plain ol’ superstition, there is some scientific basis for this, and many farmers and gardeners swear by this information. (I plan to write more about this as time goes by.)

Either way, I find these almanacs fascinating. It’s just another link between me and the gardeners of the past…the gardeners who didn’t have computers, or websites, or blogs to know when to plant something.

So, if your climate allows, go plant some beans!

(And thanks to Wanda, who sent me the link to the online Almanac this morning!)

Dig it!

bobbi c.
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