Friday, August 22, 2014

The Big Reveal! Final Photos of Exterior House Painting

A year after starting on the painting project, Husband Rudy has finished the last touches on our 1930s Texas farmhouse style bungalow/cottage.

Three years ago, I stood in front of the house and gazed at it. Back then, it was white with very dark green shutters, so dark they looked black at times.

This morning, standing out in the blazing heat, he took some photos of the final result:

We decided not to add all of the old awnings back on, but did put them on the southwest side  to block sun, and on the north front to block the street lamp at night. The front awnings are the original antique pine that were on the house over 80-years ago, and the long one is a metal model that was added in the 60s.

Next project? A new metal roof and decorative fencing.

bobbi c.

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