Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Progress on the old house---awnings!

Dear friends,

While I was inside, in the cool air-conditioned house, working on my new novella, Husband Rudy has been slaving away out in the heat on the painting project. He's still working on the awnings, being very meticulous about getting the stripes just right. We're using the original wooden ones that came with the house, made of antique pine and many of them are still in really good shape.

Here's a finished one, ready to be installed. After a really good wash with a pressure washer, Rudy used a paint sprayer on the green body, and did the yellow by hand.

1930s wooden awning

On some of the windows, we had more "modern" awnings, made of aluminum in the 1950s. LOL. Most of these we won't be using on this house, but did have to replace a few of them over some very hot south-facing windows.  Thing is, they went over three windows, making the awning very loooong.

So, now the question was, where to put the stripes on it? One thing I've done over the years is to "try out" colors using a photo and computer software. I love Photoshop Elements and use it for everything, home stuff and business stuff like business cards, flyers, ads, book covers, etc.

I converted the photo to black and white and printed it out after playing around with virtual buckets of paint in various arrangements. I came up with one I liked, that was balanced, and printed out the b/w photo for Husband to look at. I did the same thing with the backside of the house, on the body colors.

It's a really bad photo, but that doesn't matter. I'm not entering any art contests here--it's just a guide for him to look at as he's painting. These were two large awnings joined together to span four huge windows, so we needed a larger stripe in the middle. These are set at the back/side of the house, and will be partially hidden by trees.

Notice some of our dead grass has a few green sprouts now. LOL.

Installation is coming very soon!

Hope you're enjoying this little journey through our remodeling efforts. There's more to come (always, unfortunately). :-)

Happy trails,

bobbi c.

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