Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Dear friends,

Since I posted the cover of my new novella, things have changed a bit. I did a re-design ('cause I can!) and came up with something different. Since the whole point of the story is about natural dyeing with plants (and not just indigo), I decided to use one of my favorite photos on the front. Yes, those of you who have my little herb cookbooklet will notice it's the same photo, only Photoshopped to change the colors. :-)

I'm happy to be able to "meld" or merge my two interests, finally! This new novella features Kendra Louise Harper, a Texas folklorist who studies the lore and legends of Texas, including the use of dye plants! My "Aunt Jewel" character, featured in several of my "Nameless, Texas" short stories (available individually on Amazon), is an avid (obsessed) gardener with a vintage house and huge old-fashioned garden. Sound familiar? :-)

Kendra has an interesting array of quirky friends who are into things like bookselling, quiltmaking and other fiber arts,  theatre, etc.

The book will be out mid-August, and I'll post the purchase link here then.

Until then,

Keep on diggin' and plantin'!

bobbi c.

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