Thursday, February 9, 2012

Spring already?

Dear friends,

Still working furiously trying to get the Two Sisters Cottage ready for our move. Spring seems to have come early in a lot of the U.S. Bulbs are already blooming, fruit trees are budding out. Here are just a few current photos from the garden here.

Spring Onions

Happy Kale & Brussell Sprouts

Heirloom Narcissus Bulbs Blooming

Happy Red Wheelbarrow Filled with Rainwater

Nasturtiums Growing in Pot

Oxalis Bloooming under Pecan Tree

Purple Heart coming back after Winter

Dianthus (Pinks) Blooming in a Galvanized Tub with Sweet Marjoram

A Gorgeous Volunteer Sunflower from the Bird Feeder

Dianthus (Pinks) Blooming in the Flower Bed--one of my favorite old fashioned flowers

Another Old Rose Emerges!

And another!

Another Antique Rose

New Growth on Resurrected Rosebush in Gorgeous Red Color

New Growth on Unidentified Holly

Baby Thistles! Hiss Hiss Boooo!

Another Red Antique Rose with Bronze Leaves (I actually have one of these in my other garden. I just need to look the name up.)

A New Pink Rose Emerges!

Another Surprise Clump of Narcissus in the Flower Bed--they are coming up all over the property!

Autumn Joy Sedum coming Back from Winter--one of my new favorites

More coming soon!

Dig it!

bobbi c.

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