Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Candle for Richard Cabe

Richard Cabe, the husband of author Susan Tweit, a dear friend of mine, recently died of brain cancer. To read his story, check out Susan's amazing inspirational blog, Walking Nature Home.

Although I only briefly met Richard once, I still remember his huge, bright smile and have eagerly looked for photos and news of his work on Susan's blog. Richard was a sculptor, woodworker and craftsman who put himself into many objects that he and Susan used everyday in their own home. He was into rocks in a big way. I also love rocks, and gathered this handmade wooden bowl full of them tonight in honor of him.

Peaceful journey, Richard! And our love to Susan on this rainy Winter Solstice night.

bobbi c.


Susan J. Tweit said...

Bless you, Bobbi! Thank you for the beautiful candle, the rocks gathered just for Richard, and for your thoughtful and loving words.

Winter solstice is the turning of a new year for me, when the nights gradually begin to get shorter, and the northern hemisphere at least makes it shift toward warmth and light... May it be a wonderful new year for all of us!

About Bobbi C. said...

You are so welcome, Susan. It was very pleasing in a new sort of way going through the little ritual of dusting the bowl, gathering the rocks (that I had throughout the house), lighting the candle and watching it burn for a while. I've never really paid much attention to the Solstice and what it means until recently.

And yes! Hope we ALL have a wonderful new year!