Friday, September 23, 2011

Disaster Relief for Texas Farmers

Dear friends,

The drought and wildfires in Texas have taken a horrible toll over the past year. Please consider donating to the TOFGA. Thank you! bc

"The Texas Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (TOFGA) today 
announced its Disaster Relief Fund to support farmers and ranchers 
who have suffered due to the recent wildfires and severe drought.   
"Our members are small family farms and ranches that cannot absorb 
the losses from these disastrous fires and drought conditions," 
said Sue Beckwith President of TOFGA.

TOFGA urges every Texan to support sustainable family farmers.   
"Texas does not have enough farmers who are producing clean and 
safe food for our families," said Brad Stufflebeam of Home Sweet 
Farm, a farm in Brenham that supplies fresh produce to families in 
Houston.  "We can't afford to lose any local producers."

Farmers in Iowa are donating certified organic hay to help Texas 
farmers.  "This is an incredible gift," stated Cameron Molberg, 
General Manager of Coyote Creek Organic Feed Mill in Elgin.  "We 
need to raise the money to pay for trucking to get it down here."

To contribute to the Disaster Relief Fund, please visit

Texas Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association is an 501(c)3 
educational non-profit organization supporting the people who 
produce and provide organic and sustainable food in Texas through 
education, production and marketing support.

For more information, please visit  If you are a TOFGA 
member needing relief, please visit and register.

Contact:  Sue Beckwith,,  512-496-1244"


Hill Country Hippie (aka Miss Becky) said...

What a tangled web we weave, indeed! Just came across a link to this article, by way of Sharon Lovejoy, and clicked on it so I could find out more and link to it myself, and where does it take me? Back to my old friend Bobbi C. I just LOVE it when that happens!

About Bobbi C. said...

Hey, I LOVE it when that happens, too! Thanks for letting me know. I always enjoy your comments. :-)