Sunday, June 13, 2010

It's H.O.T. hot here!

Dear friends,

Well, I've been outside for less than an hour, and I'm DONE. And it's not even 11 a.m. yet. Funny guys at the local nursery are encouraging everyone to yank out those spring gardens, prepare the beds for fall, and start those 'mater seeds inside NOW! Sheesh.

It's H.O. T. HOT here! My grandmother would always spell it out. She'd say, It sure is H.O.T. HOT here today! Like that made it more understandable. Sort of like I now say "It's HOTTER than H.E.Double-Toothpicks here today!" (Please forgive me, Debbie and Wanda--you know who you are!)

Here's the garden inventory: I have several green pimento peppers that look nice, but aren't red yet. The organic farmer near here said that hers never got red, so they quit growing them. That's why I'm trying these, because the red bells never got red. I can't eat those green peppers anymore. They don't agree with me. They give me the collywobbles....BROP!

I harvested ONE big nice red tomato. Hooray.

I'm eating some previously frozen watermelon, an experiment we did. We've been getting the best melons from the store here, grown in TX, and I desperately wanted to have some for later on when it's still hot but they are gone from the stores. Ever try freezing melons? These are still pretty good, the texture is weird, of course, but it's nice and COLD. I don't have room to grow them AND other veggies in my small garden, and one will feed us for two weeks (if it doesn't go all mush on us first). They are great for slushies, watermelon margaritas, etc. (Ditto, Debbie and Wanda.)

I have one volunteer squash-y plant that came up, and keeps blooming, but is not setting. That's because it's too....well, you know. H.O.T.

Oh, and the yard long beans are running and blooming. Maybe it's time to put up some kind of trellis? LOL!!!!

The bugs are out in force now....grasshoppers, June bugs, name it. I like to catch those June bugs and flip them inside to the cats---poor creatures never get any store-bought toys. Izzie June, who is appropriately named, loves 'em. I just flipped one inside, it went flying, she got scared because it's so BIG and ran away...and now we have a giant rogue June Bug in the house. Great.

Happy trails from H.O.T. Texas!

bobbi c.


Antique ART Garden said...

I can relate, over 100 here today with heat index getting to 110. trying to clean inside, BORING, instead, Gina

About Bobbi C. said...

Hi Gina,

I understand that boring part. LOL.

I'm doing the gardening in five minute increments. I go in, and out, and in, and out. :-)