Friday, June 18, 2010

Food Independence Day....July Fourth!

Dear friends,

The folks at Kitchen Gardeners International have a new make this upcoming Fourth of July FOOD INDEPENDENCE DAY. This is from their Facebook page: "Local foods are patriotic, whether you’re buying them from producers in your area or growing some of your own. They’re good for our local farmers, our economies, our health, and that of the planet. Best of all, they taste great because they’re fresh from the soil.

Food Independence Day is being coordinated by the nonprofit group Kitchen Gardeners International in partnership with the IATP Food and Society Fellows program."


Check out their website or their Facebook page for more information, and to sign up to show your support. I just did! And help us spread this very important message. Our food security depends on it.


Remember.....Grow Organic, Eat Organic, and DEMAND organic!

Happy trails from Texas....

Dig it!

bobbi c.

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