Thursday, March 25, 2010

Plant those Butterfly Gardens, Folks!

Dear friends,

An article in the Houston Chronicle reports on the diminishing numbers of monarch butterflies in Texas.

And here's a great article about butterfly gardening in Texas, by those great folks at TAMU.

The nurseries are full of wonderful things this time of year. If we all planted just a few butterfly plants, those monarchs would be much happier.

Happy trails!

bobbi c.


NellJean said...

i noticed that milkweed plants are late sprouting out here.

Not just Monarchs, all our butterflies need nectar and host plants.

I have Pentas and Porterweed cuttings almost ready for planting out and parsley seedlings just starting for Black Swallowtails, among others.

About Bobbi C. said...

Hi NellJean...You're SO right. All our butterflies need help. I'm lucky that my parsley from two years ago has seeded out everywhere. I have Gregg's blue mist, wildflowers here and there and lots of natives for the "creatures". LOL

thanks for visiting here!

bobbi c.

Joseph said...

this is exactly what i am doing this spring. i'm installing a few beds and i'm filling them with texas native plants for a butterfly garden. butterfly weed is a great monarch host plant, but not very plentiful in nurseries (that i've seen). i ordered milkweed plants from, which should ship in a week or two. i plan to incorporate them into the mix and hopefully catch the interest of some monarchs ...

good post, thanks!