Friday, November 20, 2009

More backyard garden pics....

More AFTER shots of the garden. And YES! Husband does work in the garden occasionally. Mostly he eats it, though. :--)

You can see this is a small yard. Over the last two years, we've built small raised beds using inexpensive cedar planks bought at Lowe's, held up with plain pine stakes that we replace when they rot (about once a year). Next spring, we plan to move them a little farther apart since I have a tendency to topple over into the beds. LOL. In these photos, you can see young apple trees, peach trees (to the left), an assortment of natives on the fence perimeter, herbs out the wazoo, and in the beds there is a fig tree (trimmed to keep it under control), greens, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, more herbs, volunteer cilantro and parsley and more.

At the back fence, I've built a narrow raised bed that also has peppers, herbs, native salvias and other assorted volunteers. I have several pans of water that I keep filled for the many birds that visit the feeders that hang from the detached garage soffits.

To the left, out of the photo, we have a 55-gallon rainwater barrel attached to the downspout coming off the back corner of the house. We have two more at the back two corners of the garage (right in photo). From these three, we have hoses that can reach any spot in the garden. Eventually, we'll either get more of these, or larger containers. After the drought last summer, we're getting a lot of rain, and we hate to see it run down the hill.

We still have quite a bit of space that isn't being used for planting now. My goal is to eek out something edible from every square inch of this place.

Coming soon, pics from the FRONT yard!

Happy trails, and DIG IT!

bobbi c.


Red said...

I like your blog, but especially your pictures. I've had a fairly large backyard (in the city)which has given me opportunity to grow stuff. Now, we've moved to another house in the city & there isn't as much garden space, but, I intend to plant something to get started. Thanks again for your blog. I'll be following your progress!

Cynthia said...

I to am in Leander and glad to find another gardener in my area. I am new to gardening and I am loving it. Love your backyard, looks great.

About Bobbi C. said...

Hi Cynthia! glad to see another Leanderite here. This wind is making gardening very challenging now, though.