Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Garden Memoir Book Review---From the Ground Up

Dear friends,

Memoirs are big business these days, and nobody really knows why. My personal opinion is that it's an offshoot from all the reality TV shows that are on now. I don't care for many of the books, because they just don't seem to apply to me or my life. I've never gotten a thrill out of learning the minute details of where somebody went to school, or what they had for breakfast when they were in the first grade. But that's just me! There are a handful of memoirs, though, that I've read recently that I'd like to share with you here from time to time.

The first one on my list came out in 2001. From the Ground Up: The Story of a First Garden, was written by Amy Stewart. The book gives an account of the author's experience in transforming a tiny plot of California coastal land (a 1200 square-foot patch) into her first garden. The style is charming, easily readable and humorous. Chapters such as Weeds, Neighbors, Cats, Dirt, First Harvest, Seeds, Tomatoes, Basil, etc. take you through the formation of the garden as well as Ms. Stewart's trials and tribulations in the process. Along with her stories are lots of helpful hints and information about garden challenges. If you were a fan of the author's stories in Organic Gardening, Victoria and GreenPrints magazines, you'll love this book.

Highly recommended...gobble it up in a huge chunk, or in tiny bite-sized pieces. This book is a classic!

bobbi c.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recommendation! I hope to be able to sit in my garden before too long and do a little reading.