Monday, June 15, 2009

Big bright faces! Volunteer sunflowers..

Dear friends,

It's hotter than You Know What here in central Texas! We've been taking advantage of the shade from our ONE beloved oak tree that hovers over our back patio. I finally got out there and took more photos.

My recent "simple pleasure" that is just tickling me pink is the crop of volunteer sunflowers that are coming up all over my back yard. For years I tried growing sunflowers in the blazing sun of our former home out in the Hill Country, to no avail. It was just too hot. Yes, dear readers....even too hot for sunflowers!

We feed a lot of birds in our back yard, and recently have added black sunflower seeds to the mix. The birds love these (especially the cardinals), and I'm pretty sure they are the culprits. I mean, little seed sowers, who are responsible for all these gorgeous flowers. They are a bit wild, uncultivated, and that's the way I like my plants.

To wit (I love saying that! LOL):

Next time you see a strange plant popping up somewhere you didn't put it, say a Thank You to the birds and leave it there. You never know what might come up.

Dig it!


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