Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Hummers are here!

Dear friends,

We always know when it's really spring when the first hummingbirds are sighted. I was in the garden the other day and got buzzed by one that was quite miffed that we hadn't hung out the feeders yet. They did have a few salvia blossoms to nibble on, but that didn't satisfy them. Husband got busy and hung the feeder, but so far they are ignoring it.

I got a comment the other day from a reader who expressed concern that our homemade hummer juice uses white sugar. According to the experts, plain white sugar is as close to flower nectar as we can get. At least we don't put synthetic food colorings in ours like the commercial mixtures. It's really unnecessary since the bottom of the feeder is red, they don't really need red water to attract them.

Happy gardening!

bobbi c.

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