Thursday, March 6, 2008


Crazy weather here! First we had a record-breaking heat wave last week (it was 92!) and now it's snowing in north Texas and we're heading for a freeze here tonight in the central part of the state, too. I'm so glad I didn't put out those tomato plants just yet. Our average last frost date is around March 20th, but at this rate, who knows?

I just hope the hummingbirds have a good scout that tells them to "Stay put!" for a little while longer.

Even with the cold weather, I do have two lavender plants that are blooming now, and the grape hyacinth bulbs I put in a few months ago are up and blooming. So pretty in purple.

I feel that cold wind whistling through the windows here. Glad I stocked up on tea!

I'll report back when it's actually warm enough to garden.

dig it!

bobbi c.


Marilena said...

honestly, we live on the western part of canada, and in the rockies, its still too cold here to even consider starting the flowers. but the guy at our local greenhouse told me to start planting them indoors now and acclimatize them slowly to the weather here. not sure that is such a great idea. calgary's weather can change from plus 15 to -30 in the drop of a hat.
maybe you could drop by my blog and offer me a tip or two? iam totally new to the flower scene. :) may i add you to my link list?

About Bobbi C. said...

Hi marilena,

Sure, you can add me to your links, and I'll do the same for yours. Having lived in TX my whole life except for one short summer in NM, I don't know what to tell you about when to start your flowers and such, except that acclimatizing them is a good idea now matter where you live. I'd go nuts living with weather that cold. I get shivery when it gets below 50 here! :--)

good luck with your garden! and thanks for visiting my blog.

bobbi c.