Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Get ripe, already!

Mornin' garden friends!

In some of my previous posts I've talked about my EarthBox, and how much I love it. Right now, on November 14, I have two tomato plants in it, and they are LOADED with green tomatoes....the most tomatoes I've EVER grown anywhere. Thing is, they just aren't getting ripe. Around here, our annual average first frost date is around the 21st, so I'm getting anxious. Yes, I could pick them and make fried green tomatoes, or I could put them in a sack and hope they ripen eventually, but they just won't taste the same. I moved the box into more sunlight, but I'm really getting annoyed here.

I've been hearing from several other gardeners around Texas, and they are saying that things are taking longer to ripen this year, too. Huh. Maybe it's not just me....maybe it's the weather, or something. Who knows, either way, I can just taste those ripe, luscious tomatoes, even if only in my mind.

Get diggin'!

bobbi c.
Leander, TX

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