Friday, September 28, 2007

New gardens

Dear earthly gardeners!

I'm back, this time with photos from my new garden space. Our gorgeous home in the country is on the market now. For information, click HERE.

My gardens there have been in progress for the last twelve years. It's a bit overwhelming to start over, especially since our new house has almost nothing but crabgrass, Devil Bermuda, and one oak tree. I've been busy, though, and now we have some shrubberies, some herbs, some native Texas plants and a tiny little patch of green beans in the backyard.

Behind the beans, you can barely see my new fig tree, grown from a cutting I took from the tree in my old garden. I was surprised how easy it was to get a cutting to grow.

The backyard is still a blank canvas, so to speak, but I do have a lot of plants in pots. I still have my EarthBox that I talked about in this post, and I have bell peppers, more green beans, lots of herbs and Texas native plants also growing in pots. They really seem to like the somewhat cooler temps here in town, as well as the intermittent shade the oak tree provides.

I really love container gardens, and even when I have my permanent growing beds in, I still plan to do more gardening in pots.

Oh, and here's a photo of a visitor to the new garden, something I never saw at the other one.....a green anole, trying like hell to blend in with the BBQ grill!

Until next time, Dig It!

bobbi c.

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