Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Planting gardens for native bees....

Dear friends,

Next time you're deciding what to plant in your garden, you might want to think about adding a small section for the native bees. Here's a great article by my friend Susan Tweit in Audubon magazine. Many people are unaware of the numerous native pollinators.

The article makes it clear why it's important not to use pesticides in your garden.

While you're at it, check out Susan's website and blog.

It's still raining here, and many areas in the Texas Hill Country are flooding. It makes me happy that I'm up on a hill, but a bit leery about moving to town to "lower ground"....I need to get over there when the storm lets up to check out the drainage situation.

dig it!

bobbi c.


gardenmomma (Chris) said...

How would I know if the bees I have in my backyard are native ones or not? I went on a garden tour this spring and was told that bees love the color purple. It must be so since I've noticed more on my purple flowers than anything else. I have several types, although the only one I can identify is the big ole fat bumblebee.

About the Artist... said...

Welcome, Gardenmomma!

Good question...I just assume that all bees are native bees except for maybe the honey bees I see here. There are so many kinds. One thing you could do is e-mail a photo to your state horticultural office; sometimes they can identify insects for you.

There are also lots of photos online, too...just Google "native bees" then the name of your state, see what you come up with.

At one time, I've counted five different types of bees in my garden...from large to tiny!

bobbi c.

Jane Kirkpatrick said...

Hi Bobbi,
I love your garden and the photo of your new challenge. I think I'll have to post a sign at my yard that says "landscaped by Brody and Bo" our two dogs. They dig holes etc. Got any great ideas for helping a dog NOT dig holes? I know. They're probaby I'll work on that.
I'm also a fellow (is that right?) Women Writing the West woman and I've just tagged you on my blog with my 8 random facts. If I need to send people to a different website than this one, let me know, ok? Thanks! Jane