Friday, June 5, 2015

Downtown Natchez, MS Container Gardens

Dear Earthly gardeners,

I recently put on my travelin' shoes. . .and went to Mississippi.

Husband and I recently returned from an amazing trip to Mississippi. I'd never been there before, and even though we were seeking out some great blues music (YES, we found it), I also had my peepers peeled for garden-ish things.

I wasn't disappointed. Downtown Natchez, MS is filled with container gardens of all sorts. Here are just a few of the photos I snapped along the way.

Some of the old downtown buildings have been turned into residences. The container garden in front of this one really caught my eye.

Farther down the sidewalk, by the entrance doors, these wonderful statues guarded the entry.

A beautiful downtown courtyard garden, in front of an oil company building:

And since I'm a sucker for any kind of wrought iron, these dark pink ones made my heart go pitty-pat!

Many of the pots were filled with mandavillas, a beautiful Mexican native plant that I've been unable to keep alive here in my Texas climate. They usually die back in the winter. I thought that this area of MS was in the same zone as my garden, but apparently not. Either that, or they wrap and cover the plants over the winter.

This one was my absolute favorite. I grow things in tubs in my container garden, but never thought about doing a decorative stencil around it. I love that, as well as the trellis at the back used for support. I assume it's part of an old metal bed--twin sized.

And here's the view from our hotel window. We both loved Natchez and have already talked about going back.

 Happy gardening,

bobbi a. chukran
AKA "bobbi c."

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