Friday, April 24, 2015

Heirloom & Antique Roses

Dear friends,

I'm happy to say that the roses are doing well here this year after the large amounts of rain we've had. When we moved into our little 1930s cottage, there were 81 rose bushes--some almost dead, some doing well. Over the last four years, I've managed to save most of them. Thing is, except for a few where I found the original metal tag, I have no idea what they are.

I CAN tell which ones are the hybrids planted years ago by former residents and which ones are the antiques or heirloom roses--the antiques don't have black spots on the leaves. Of course, these are my favorites.

One of the  roses I did identify (from the original metal disk) is the Eutin (pronounced "oy-teen"),  a beautiful rose that has also been sold under the name “Hoosier Glory” and, turns out, is also an antique rose from 1940. It was also sold as Russtler's Skyrocket, according to the Antique Rose Emporium in Brenham, Texas.

A bouquet of Eutin roses gathered during house renovation and plopped into the nearest "vase'
I'm in the process of moving, pruning and taking inventory of the roses here--so many of them still haven't been identified. Here are some photos from my previous rose garden, all of which were blooming in April in years past.

Antique rose growing in Leander, Texas

Pink antique rose

Pink antique blooming rose

Pink antique rosebud

My favorite pink heirloom rose

I'm going to look at the new Knock Out roses and other easy-care bushes and ponder them for a future border hedge between our house and the neighbors. That should be fun!

So get out and plant something this weekend!

bobbi c.

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