Friday, March 20, 2015

Happy Spring, Everyone!

Dear friends,

It might not feel like spring in some parts of the country, but rest assured that it's on the way. My irises say so. Forgive the slightly blurry photo; it's starting to rain here AGAIN.

Copyright Bobbi A. Chukran/Earthly Gardener ©2015

IMHO, nothing says "cottage garden" more than purple irises. I also have white ones, including some that an older lady in town gave me a few years back, and a few that I recently "gathered" from an old family cemetery near here. I don't think the residents will mind. :-)

Also blooming are the grape hyacinths and the coral honeysuckle.

For those of you who are into bees and gardens (well, yeah), here's a new "Nameless, Texas" short story I just posted on my writing blog--"Miss Essie and the Green-Glittered Tiara." Enjoy!

Happy blooming,

bobbi c.

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