Saturday, October 26, 2013

And the answer is----Red!

Red, or more specifically, Brownstone Red (True Value Weatherall paint) has been chosen as the trim color for our Texas bungalow/cottage repainting project.  The window sashes, scallopy-things around the porch, shutters and awnings will be dark green.  The doors?  Undecided.

Funny thing, I dithered around with samples, test patches, etc. then choose the same colors that are on the curtains in the room facing the back----yellow, brown, green and red.  LOL.  Oh well. At least I'm consistent in my choices.

The brackets are dark chocolate brown, and the trim is the red.

Why are they painted only so high?  Because that's as far as I could reach.  LOL

Stay tuned for more progress!

bobbi c.

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