Monday, September 16, 2013

Fall is coming! Gettin' me some pumpkin love!

Dear friends,

I'm getting inspired to decorate for fall.  Thing is, it seems like every year at this time, our house is in a shambles.  This year, the siding is half off the front, and the back is ready for paint.  Oh well, maybe by Christmas.

Fall pumpkin sitting on antique bench
 In the meantime, I'm thinking about FALL and cooler weather.  And gettin' me some pumpkin love! I absolutely swoon when I see piles of pumpkins at the stores this time of year.  Although, I know they'll probably turn into pie filling in this heat.

I love pumpkins--can't get enough of that gorgeous orange color.  Maybe I should add some of that color to my house exterior?  Why not?  My kitchen wall behind the stove is pumpkin orange, after all.

These photos were all taken in Salado, Texas at Fletcher's Books and Antiques, a place we visit every time we're in the area.  They always have a pumpkin patch around Halloween there.

Line of pumpkins along a stone wall
More to come soon!  I have tons of amazing pumpkin photos in my files here.

Happy trails from Texas, y'all!

bobbi c.

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