Saturday, August 10, 2013

Herb Garden Inspiration

Birdbath, with comfrey

Dear friends,

Over the years, I think the thing that has given me most pleasure in my garden has been growing and using herbs. I started out with a small basil plant in a pot, and since then have grown the everyday herbs, like rosemary, and the more unusual herbs, like madder, whose roots are used to make a gorgeous red dye.

Lavender, grown in Leander limestone
I use my herbs for all sorts of things---for cooking, for crafts, and for medicine. This time of year, I always start thinking about what new herbs I want to add to my garden, since the fall is an excellent time to plant them here in Central Texas. I usually start with plants from local nurseries if I can, since it takes so long to grow some of them from seed. After they get larger, I divide the perennials or take cuttings from the annuals.

Rosemary, also grown on almost solid limestone in the Texas Hill Country

 I thought I'd share a few photos with you of the herbs in my cottage garden.  Maybe it will give you some ideas for planting your own herb garden.  Herbs really can enhance your life, in so many ways.  If you don't currently grow herbs, why not give them a try?  They're easy to grow, smell good, attract beneficial insects and pollinators (always important), and are beautiful, to boot!

Texas hill country garden, with rosemary, santolina, grapes, cactus and a really big fence to keep the deer out!
Lemon thyme is happy growing in a small pot.  A small bay tree is to the left.
Sweet marjoram.  I use this herb a lot in my special dried Italian Herb Bouquet mix, for cooking

A beloved gift from a friend, filled with fresh cut rosemary branches
I'll be writing more about my herb garden, how I use my herbs, and some tips and ideas for planting in the months ahead.  So please come back to visit!

Happy gardening,

bobbi c.

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