Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Progress on Patio, Kitchen and More!

Just some random miscellaneous photos of the patio privacy panel project, cottage paint job and garden.

A mock-up of the future cement block wall topped with bricks (found on the property) along one side of patio.  I'll have two rows of blocks, though.
The garage wall painted, the door and trim painted.  You can see the first upright post at the far right end of the patio.
We'll do almost anything to keep from having to dig holes.  This is my invention for building fences and such in rocky soil.  We previously used it for a short picket decorative fence. We'll have three of these along the end of the patio, then will attach some metal wire grid reinforcement mesh or a cattle panel to it for vines.  The blocks will be covered eventually with mulch or hidden with plants in pots.
Birdbath, lavender in galvanized tub on cement blocks.  In the distance, you can see the first post sticking up at the end of the patio.  And once again, Rudy's rear end.  LOL!

The boxwood hedge behind the patio will be trimmed and vines planted in front of it to grow up the wire grid.

The privacy panel will serve as a visual barrier between the end of the patio and the side street and driveway. 
The view of the garden across the sidewalk to the side of the patio. The vine has covered the metal trellis nicely at the end, in front of the chain link fence.
The kitchen garden, happy in these cooler days.  Just steps away from the back door and kitchen.  Lettuce and scallions are growing happily in an old wheelbarrow.
It must be fall, the yellow mums are blooming!  I planted these just last spring.  They make a nice companion to the white salvias. An old kitchen pan is a much used bird watering feature. 

Inside, my little collection of Halloween figurines sits in the old pine cabinet my father built when I was a baby.  Tulip decals my mother added when I was a kid are still bright and colorful.

And an inside update!  The red glass brick tile backsplash has been done.  The upper cabinets used for displaying my collection of colorful ceramics and a few vintage goodies are getting orange backs made of beadboard pieces.  The orange matches the wall behind the stove on the other side.

It's a very tropical citrusy kitchen!
More photos coming of the finished cabinet display space, and an update of the patio.

Happy trails!

bobbi c.

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