Friday, October 12, 2012

Goldenrod, Blooming -- An Illustrated Poem

Dear friends,

Something different--a poem.  The photos were taken by Rudy, the Husband. Enjoy.  bobbi c.

Goldenrod, Blooming

The large patch of goldenrod that blooms
outside my office window 
swarms with millions of  bees.
 Millions of happy bees.

goldenrod, blooming, Texas, October, bee plant

So glad I didn't cave to busy-body passerby-people
 who thought I should have cut it down last year!
And so glad their advice to drench  the soil with poison
to keep it away--forever--went unheeded.

They have no love for the bees.  

goldenrod, blooming bee plant, Texas October

So glad I was patient, waiting for the rains that 
finally came and for the sigh of relief from my garden.
I almost could hear it.

It's the same sigh I hear from this swarm of bees
Happily feeding outside my window.
For now, safe, and sated.

bobbi a. chukran
October 12, 2012

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