Tuesday, September 18, 2012

And the walls came tumbling down....

Dear friends,

I've mentioned in my last post how my greenhouse shed, one of the reasons I wanted to buy this property, was found to have termites and the front wall had rotted because of a leaky roof.

Since then, Husband Rudy has been methodically taking the whole thing down--a little at a time.  Luckily, the weather finally cooperated and the last few days have been really nice.

In this photo, you can see some of the original antique pine ship-lap siding that we discovered underneath the vinyl.  We removed it carefully and will be using it to build another shed or small greenhouse.  The roof has been torn off, the windows and insulation removed and most of the walls are gone.  The side wall of the garage emerges, along with one of the original windows.

In general, we saved every scrap of wood that we could.  Even after that, there's still a huge pile that we have to send to the landfill.  Something I am NOT happy about.

A few days later, after some wonderful rain, the rest of it's down.  Did I mention that de-constructing a building makes a huge mess?

A large raised concrete slab is left.  There's room for potted plants, a set of patio furniture, and maybe a tiny shed.  And the ancient pecan has more room to breathe now, too.  One surprise is how much noise that little building blocked from the surrounding streets.  I have renamed Taylor as "The Noisiest Little Town in Texas".  Who knew?

It's very obvious to us, after sitting on the patio for a few minutes, that we need to get busy designing a trellis, some more fencing, and perhaps some lattice work of some kind.  I do write plays, but the last thing I want in my garden is a public theatre. :-D

Elsewhere, in the garden, my plants are very happy with the recent rain.  So are the snails.  Sigh.  And this one-year old garden may not be pretty in spots, but we're already growing some food and building up the formerly abused soil.

You'll notice the old awning leaning against the garden bed.  It makes some GREAT shade for tomato roots.  And the clothesline pole makes a nice, sturdy structure to attach a piece of cattle panel to--cattle panel is great for climbing beans.

It's coming together, slowly, but surely.

Happy trails!

bobbi c.


sbump178645 said...

Love the walk through, Bobbi. AND, can't wait to bring husband over to see all the miracles you and your husband have performed with your new/old house.

About Bobbi C. said...

Not miracles, Sue. Just a lot of hard work in the hot summer sun. :-)


Susan J Tweit said...

Great work, both in the edible garden and the greenhouse removal! The shiplap siding under the vinyl is a prize, as is uncovering the window from the garage. I know that shed blocked street noise for you, but the side wall of the garage looks so simple and clean without it. I bet you'll make good use of that raised concrete patio once you figure out trellising and perhaps a narrower garden shed along the alley side to serve as a noise baffle.... Have fun!

About Bobbi C. said...

Thanks so much, Susan! I love the idea of a small shed there. Will definitely ponder that idea. Hugs from Texas, where it feel like FALL!