Monday, June 4, 2012

My garden sustains me

"Why do you spend so much time out in the heat, playing in the dirt?"  a friend asked me.  I looked around at the gorgeous daylilies, finally blooming after a year of uncertainty and nursing them through the worst drought that Texas has ever seen (in recorded history).  I looked around at the rosebushes (over 80 of them!) that are struggling to survive although covered with snails--yet, are still blooming.  I looked around at the yard filled with crepe myrtles that are blooming with five different colors right now (from watermelon-red to fuchsia-pink) and the stray sunflowers that have been planted by the many birds who call this garden their home.

I hear the songs from at least a dozen different species of birds, the tapping of the woodpecker on the pecan trees, the screeching of mockingbirds warning away the bluejays.

To some, I guess, it's just work that has to be done.  To me, it's an escape from the room inside where I write all my mystery and strange and quirky speculative fiction, and where I live in fantasy worlds filled with elves, and fairies and fictional characters who can't stop talking, in my award-winning plays for young people.  :-)

The garden is a respite, a haven of rest for my weary brain after I've spewed out 30,000 words in a week and can't do. one. more. thing.  The garden restores me.  THAT's why I spend so much time out there, in the heat, playing in the dirt.  You should try it sometime.

Happy Trails!

bobbi c.

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