Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Two Sisters 1930 Cottage Garden Progress

Dear friends,

It's been months since I've posted here.  We've been busy remodeling the "Two Sisters 1930 Cottage" and finally were able to move in about 6 weeks ago.  My garden activities never really slowed down, though.  I just hate to miss the spring season, no matter what else I'm doing.  I thought I'd share some photos of the garden here today since it's such a major difference from when we bought the place last May.  For more pics, visit the Two Sisters Cottage blog.

Eventually, all this grass will become planting beds and walkways.

The side yard is lush, the grass is growing back (unfortunately) and I've managed to plant an assortment of native shrubs and trees such as esperanzas (AKA Yellow Bells), Texas sage, hackberry, Texas pomegranate, fig, etc.

The snails have proliferated, and there are literally thousands of them.  Right now, their favorite food are daylily leaves.  I discovered their hiding place---in and on the hundreds of boxwoods on the property.  I'm in the process of thinning them out and clearing out the leaf mulch from underneath.

At the side entrance gate to the garden.  House is to the left.  Cottage/greenhouse is to the right.

 I've decided that the former residents were trying to plant one of each color of rose.  So far, I've had red, pink (dark and light), white, yellow, apricot and green bloom.  Right now, almost every bush on the property (80+ in all) are blooming.

My wooden pallet container garden where I'm growing bell peppers, eggplant and herbs
We had to remove part of the clothesline because it had rusted and was a danger to my taller Husband.  We left one central line at the back, which will be used to grow a grape on.  It's planted at the bottom of the central "T" at the center of the photo.  The remaining poles and line make a great place to hang hummingbird and seed feeders for the birdies that live here.  We have a huge resident population of birds---so far we've seen pileated woodpeckers, finches, mockingbirds, sparrows, Carolina chickadee, two types of doves, cardinals, a female bunting, and others.

I've managed to build three of my "So Easy it's Stupid" garden beds and have filled them with Yard Long Beans, tomatoes and peppers so far.

The bed at the end of the greenhouse is filled with salvias, bat-faced cuphea, culinary sage, etc.

Another rose by the side gate

The side bed at the back of the house with herbs, salvias, blooming ligustrum, irises
In general, I'm concentrating on supporting the plants that are already here and adding in lots of natives, herbs and food plants.  The main goal is always to reduce and eventually eliminate the grass and support wildlife, beneficial insects and grow as much food as possible.

A closer view of the greenhouse garden with sitting area, birdbath, gazing ball and other ornaments.

Yes, the house is still white with dark green shutters and black window screen frames.  As much as I'd love to paint it a jazzy color, it's OK for now.  We have our hands full with finishing the inside of the house and getting the Leander house ready to sell.

So, stay tuned---the old gal's coming along!  LOL.

Happy trails,

bobbi c.

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