Saturday, November 5, 2011

A new rose

Dear friends,

I've mostly been over on my Two Sisters Cottage blog lately since remodeling is taking a lot of our time. But in between marathon painting episodes, I'm tending the garden here at the new/old house (built in 1930). One thing I discovered after owning the home for about a month was that there are at least 82 rose bushes here. Over the horrible droughty summer, one or two of them died and I yanked them out, but I decided to leave the rest to see what happens. I gave them a really good whacking back and drenched the soil with liquid seaweed. Turns out, they weren't dead; they were just dormant. Now that the weather is cooler here, and they've been watered a bit, they are coming back and it's a continual surprise to me to see their colors. The newest one is pink. I'm 99% sure it's an heirloom/antique rose.

Several other bushes are loaded with buds, and those will also be a nice surprise to me when they bloom, too.

Happy trails,

bobbi c.

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