Friday, March 11, 2011

The Swimming Pool Privacy Project

Dear friends,

Last fall, our next door neighbors came to our door, announcing that they were building a new swimming pool in their very tiny backyard. They were pleased as punch that they thought of notifying us, and warned that it might be a bit noisy for a week or so. We could deal with that.

But we weren't sure how it would impact our backyard experience. Husband and I went into emergency mode and within a few days had erected a trellis onto the fence that gives both of us privacy.

Here's what we finally came up with. The panels are paint-washed with my signature mixture of sky blue, lavender and white. IOW, leftover latex paints I had from other projects.

After a few months search, I finally found some crossvines, a gorgeous, fast growing evergreen vine that has amazing yellowish-burgundy blooms. I planted several of these (along with some Carolina Jessamine) around the edge of the fence at the bottom.

I also found and planted a coral honeysuckle. Can you say HAPPY HUMMINGBIRDS? LOL!

I hung three huge bougainvilleas on the trellis in pots. They served their purpose for a while, and I plan to hang them back on there this year, along with other potted hanging baskets.

So far, the vines are very happy. I bought two more crossvines today, and plan to add them to the back part of the fence, as well as some very tall plants planted in these:

Dig it!

Happy trails from Texas,

bobbi c.

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Wanda said...

...A lot of extra work, but I bet is all looks amazing - or will, when all the vines and plants fill everything out. Great solution!