Friday, February 4, 2011

Beautiful snow!

Dear folks,

We were gifted with three-inches of glorious snow overnight here on the edge of the Texas Hill Country, and news from my state-wide network is that lots of other areas in the state also got a few inches. I say "gifted" because when it melts, it will slowly soak into our parched soil here, adding much-needed moisture to our dry gardens.

This is the second snow we've had in February two years in a row. Last year it came later in the month. Click here for a photo. Growing up in north Texas, we seldom got snow. Winters in north Texas are more icie than snowy. Snow I can deal with---not so with ice.

Even though I had a bit of garden fever last week when I planted new trees, I'm over it now. LOL

Stay warm, everybody!

Happy trails,

bobbi c.

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