Saturday, January 15, 2011

Blessed rain!

Dear friends,

First of all, I've added a garden story about praying mantids to this blog. Just click on the link at the top of the page underneath the header if you want to read it. I hope to add more stories as time goes by.

It's raining here! And we need every single drop, too. It's been so dry that even in this normally too humid climate, we've had to put a humidifier in the room Husband uses for his inside guitar-making activities. That's pretty serious!

The garden is happy about the rain, but normal winter veggies are not growing. The weather has been too volatile....from 80 down to 30 back up to 50 then down to 17! Yes, SEVENTEEN DEGREES! That's also unheard of for this time of year here. Many of my friends in other parts of Texas have had unusually large amounts of snow. So far we've escaped that.

I do still have some collards and mustard greens leftover from the fall crop, and am continuing to harvest them for delicious stir-frying or freezing for later use.

Stay warm, folks! And dream of gardens...

Happy trails!

bobbi c.

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