Sunday, August 8, 2010

Strange Goin's On here....

Howdy folks!

There's strange stuff goin' on here. Just this morning I yanked a leaf from a plant growing in my front yard garden and ATE it. It was from the native Texas plant, Turk's Cap. I grow them because they love this heat, and make great butterfly plants.

I've been learning about edible wild plants in Texas, and didn't know that this wonderful native landscaping plant is also edible. The leaf tasted interesting, although it's totally impossible to explain! It wasn't bitter, thankfully. I can't handle bitter greens. I intend to pick a few more and try sauteeing them with garlic and olive oil (my fav way of making fresh greens). Try it for yourself if you have a Turk's Cap growing in your garden. And remember, when eating anything strange, make sure you have a positive ID first.

I've been learning a lot about these edibles from this new blog about edible plants of Texas and the Southwest that a friend of mine (thanks, Gail!), told me about. It covers plants that grow down in the Houston area, with many of them ranging up into the Austin area, too.

Written by a fellow who calls himself "Merriwether" (look it up...LOL), he also teaches classes at the Houston Arboretum in plant identification and foraging.

Check out his blog; it's well worth the time!

I also wanted to share this with you. The esperanzas are blooming, finally! This is a second year plant. They did die back to the ground over the winter, which was a big bummer, but came back and are huge now.

Happy trails from Texas,

bobbi c.

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