Monday, July 5, 2010

Garden Inspiration

Dear friends,

I finally had a chance to go through some garden photos taken over the last few weeks. Sometimes I feel that I'm making no progress, but if I compare the BEFORE and AFTER photos, it makes me feel a bit better. There is progress being made. I tend to think I'm slow at this, but I have to remember that we've been working on the garden and house here almost three years now. In case you don't want to go dig around for it, here's a BEFORE photo. Since then, we've repainted and added gutters and a metal roof so that we can safely gather rainwater:

I hope you can take a little inspiration from what I've done with a very small town space. Using raised beds, a mixture of native plants, herbs, fruit trees, vegetables and decorative elements, I'm turning this abandoned yard into a thing of beauty, beloved by the birds, butterflies, wild creatures and two humans that live here. Enjoy!

This is the front garden. As you see, we are very close to the neighbors on both sides.

This is the short walkway up to the front door:

This is a closer look at part of the front yard garden. This is the central planting island in the middle of the yard. I don't design gardens like a lot of folks; I just sort of plop something down, then use that as an anchor and plant around it. I think it makes the landscape look a bit more natural that way.

Front porch view:

Another view, showing a young pomegranate tree with rosemary:

A new rosemary hedge will grow to the right of the driveway. This leads into the back yard garden and detached garage which is now a woodworking workshop for Husband. I'd love to tear up all the concrete, but I've been brainwashed into thinking that I have to think about resale value. Do I care? Probably not! :-) It's not like anyone around here actually uses their garages for their cars anyway.

Look for more garden inspiration photos in the next post!

Happy trails,

bobbi c.

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