Thursday, May 27, 2010

Garden Journals

Dear friends,

Many of my gardener friends keep written garden journals. Some of them are also artists, and their journals are gorgeous. I tried that for years, but after a few days, I'd quit keeping notes. How many times have I wished I had continued!

Finally, two weeks ago, I decided not to be so "artistic" about it and to open a file in Word and jot down some notes. I figured I'd transfer them into the paper journal later. After a week, I noticed that seeing the file on my desktop was a great reminder to make entries for that day. Since I've been doing my "puttering around" in the garden in the early morning before it gets too hot here (around 10:30 a.m.), I would go out, do my daily garden chores, then come into the workroom here to check my e-mails. Since I placed the Garden Journal file icon next to the e-mail program icon, I automatically see the file and my memory is jogged to make the entry for that day.

It's amazing what a difference this has made! I do love the look of the beautiful garden journals that some of my friends are keeping, but for me, the electronic (tree-free) journal is working just fine. So far. LOL!

A few of today's entries:

* A tiny green anole is sitting on the edge of the royal blue pedestal container on the back patio. I just watched him stick out his even tinier tongue and drink a droplet of water from a peony leaf. He twisted his head sideways and saw me standing there, and took another drink.

* The cardinal vine seeds I planted a week ago are up! Hooray!

* Scattered some purple salvia seeds underneath the new vitex beside the bedroom windows.

* Re-potted a tiny succulent into the chicken planter. I am so loving these little succulents.

* Noticed that the piece of spineless cactus that Good Neighbor gave me that I plopped into the old iron pot is about to bloom. MUST take photos!

It just occurred to me that I might print these out monthly and put them in a notebook, in case of a dreaded computer crash.

Happy trails from Texas, and don't forget to

Dig it!

bobbi c.

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