Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Vanishing Texas Lakes

Husband and I just returned from a short anniversary trip to Lake Buchanan, in the Texas Hill Country. We knew that the water was down, but had no idea it was this bad.

The green that you see is the former bottom of the lake. Now grass and weeds are taking hold and growing there.

Another view:

What does this have to do with gardening? Well, a lot. I'm amazed at people who continue to dump water on their lawns, pooh-poohing any thoughts that we might run out of water here in central TX. After all, they say, we have TONS of lakes in the area. Yes, we do, but if it doesn't rain, those lakes dry up. All lakes in Texas except one, Caddo Lake in East Texas, are man-made lakes. In this drought, many of them are drying up, businesses next to them are suffering (including the Lodge where we stayed overnight for our anniversary)and the Lower Colorado River Authority has put mandatory water restrictions on lawn watering.

People ignore those, though. Our immediate neighbor continues to water their lawns on their "off" days, and couldn't seem to care less about any water shortages.

Rain is predicted for the next few days, but it will only be the proverbial drop in the bucket from what we really need.

bobbi c.


Anonymous said...

That's awful and NC was like that last year for my area but we've had some good rains. We are recovering. I wonder if it is a trend or here to stay for ya. I hope it eases up soon cause we know how you feel.

About Bobbi... said...

Hi flower garden girl! I didn't realize that NC was so bad, glad you're recovering.

Right now, I'm staring out my window at RAIN. Finally! :--)

bobbi c.