Monday, July 13, 2009

Saving Seed this Year

Hi guys,

I haven't been a big seed saver over the years since I didn't grow
that many heirlooms, BUT after this summer, I'm going to pay a lot of
attention to the veggies that survive, and if I can, I'm saving seed from them.

For example, one of the heirloom tomatoes I planted (maybe the Marglobes?) have had terrible problems with blossom end rot. The others haven't, and they are all planted in the same stuff and watered the same way. The Early Girl bush tomatoes dried up a month or so ago, but others are still alive.

I'm also saving seed from those volunteer pumpkins that came up.

Anybody notice any other varieties that are doing well in this nutzo droughty, searing blazing heat?

Oh, and my Italian green beans are blooming like crazy, but the beans
are tiny and staying that way...the others dried up a month ago, too.
I'm hoping to keep the Italians going for fall. If they perk up, I'm saving seed from them, too.

bobbi c.

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