Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Potted combos

I love using combos of native plants and herbs. Here's an old terra cotta pot I washed with a red paint. Growing in it are a native red salvia and variegated lemon thyme, along with another decorative orb. LOVE those orbs! LOL. I also used a lot of leftover shells from a long-ago craft project as "mulch" in the pots and in the planting bed behind it. Also shown is a small bay plant in a handmade container.

dig it!

bobbi c.


turtlewoman said...

I came looking for a spring update?

Lindy in AZ

About the Writer said...

Hi Lindy, I'm working on it! As you can see, we've been busy painting our house. I have a lot more pics I need to post, but you can see more of the landscaping filling in. Thanks for stopping by.

bobbi c.