Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New garden photos!

I know, finally! Sheesh. I wanted to get some of the new front yard landscaping done before I took photos, but everyone's clamoring to see. So here are a few of the "new" gardens and house. We've been here almost two years now, but it still feels new to me.

I'm growing vegetables, fruit trees, herbs and flowers in the back, and native shrubs, trees, herbs and flowers in the front and on the sides.

First of all, an overview of my backyard raised veggie and herb beds, made from simple, inexpensive cedar fence pickets held up by stakes driven into the ground.

I use whatever existing structures I can to help make a side for the beds. I have them all along the garage sides, along the back fence, side fence, you name it! Here's the one along the back fence, in progress.

I also have them lined up behind the detached garage. This one has asparagus in it.

And this one at one side, underneath the birdfeeders and the windows that Husband added to get more light into the garage workshop:

After building huge, complicated, expensive cedar beds at our former house, these are simple to do, almost instant, and inexpensive.

More later!

Dig it!

bobbi c.

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