Monday, July 21, 2008

Potted gardens....

Hi friends,

I grow a lot of stuff in pots here, and the best place I've found to put them is under our ONE oak tree in the backyard beside the patio. Some of them are plants I brought from my old garden, some are new, some were given to me by friends, some I grew from seed. I like to mix things up. In these hot summers, the plants love the shade from the tree, and have no problems with it. I have everything from peppers, to tomatoes, to some tropicals to prickly pear cactus growing there!

Here's a successful experiment...a corn plant in with a potted holly bush! and yes, those are two little ears of corn. These are actually growing better than the corn I planted out in the "real" garden.

I also have a bell pepper plant growing in with a zinnia (an almost dead rescue I bought for 25-cents at Lowe's Garden Center).

and a mandavilla growing beside a tomato plant, but not in the same pot this time:

So you see, you don't need seven acres to grow some veggies for your kitchen!

dig it!

bobbi c.

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Theresa Bayer said...

this is great. I may even try it. Put them in shade under a tree, eh? good because we've got a few trees!