Monday, April 30, 2007

Yet another reason to grow, and eat, organic foods

Mornin’ earthly gardeners,

Some of you who also read my cat blog know that I’ve been talking about the whole pet food recall issue. It’s scary stuff, folks. More and more foods are being added to the list. For a link to the FDA website, CLICK HERE. You’ll find a link to a list of all the recalled foods there.

In addition, the contaminated substances have just been found in pig urine on a farm in California. These are pigs that are destined to be HUMAN FOOD. This sounds like somebody’s idea of a sick joke, but believe me, it’s no joke.

Organic farms don’t use industrial chemicals like these on their crops! With the discovery of the melamine in the pig’s urine, that means that the contamination has entered the human food chain, and that’s really, really, bad news.

So I’d encourage you even more strongly to do several things. One, if you can, grow as much of your own foods as possible! Two, seek out local small organic farms or perhaps even individual gardeners who can share their produce with you. Eat local produce. If you must buy canned or frozen foods (yes, we all do that!), then buy organic.

I’ll be watching this news story carefully, and will report back with any further developments.

On a lighter note, go out and buy something from a small business this weekend…spend your money supporting a small farm or indie artisan, shop at a local farm stand, buy a bouquet of flowers or a packet of organic seed.

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