Monday, April 30, 2007

Rainy days and Fridays...

april 13, 2007 by bobbi a. chukran

Mornin’ earthly gardeners!

It’s raining again here today. The tomato plants are sitting here in the office, under lights, and they really really need to go outside. They are about two feet tall, sitting in little paper cups. I thought I’d be able to set them out before now, but that last freeze we had prevented that.

I did transplant a few of the baby lettuces I wrote about in a previous post (HERE) outside in a large pot, but I expect that marauding squirrel that’s been visiting the garden will have salad for lunch.

I have a sinus headache, and plan to spend the rest of the day reading, and writing non-blog projects. It seems that Hanna over on This Garden is Illegal likes to read Terry Pratchett when it’s raining too hard to garden. Good choice. I have a new book of mystery stories involving cats (what else?) and plan to read a few of those.

I had a friend in town once who believed that the best time to plant stuff was while it was raining, as long as lightning wasn’t an issue. It makes sense; the plants won’t get stressed out by too much sun, and the soil will stay moist for a while.

Still, I’d rather sit inside and read, and gaze at the garden through the window.

Have a good (gardening) weekend!

dig it!

bobbi c.

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