Monday, April 30, 2007

Physical Therapy and gardening…

Mornin’ Earthly Gardeners!

I went to my first physical therapy treatment the other day, and have another one today. My right arm has been locking up, muscle spasms, the works. The PT cautioned me against lifting anything heavy, doing too much key-whacking, pushing or pulling anything heavy, OR lifting and flinging rocks (one of my most often used gardening techniques). She might as well have told me to go crawl under a rock and never come out! So, I’m doing the exercises she recommended, going back to the appointment today, but am not willing to give up the garden completely (or the key-whacking).

Just ran across this article about how gardening is *good* for arthritis. And another one on “Weeding the Pain out of Gardening.”

I don’t plan on giving up on my garden; gardening is about 85% of my life! But I guess I will cut back on the rock flinging….for now.

dig it!

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